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Introducing the Steri ‘n’ Stock® Touchscreen Device

Since the inception of our Steri 'n' Stock® software, our unwavering focus has been on simplifying and enhancing the Sterilisation Tracking process. We are committed to delivering a solution that not only boosts efficiency but also aligns seamlessly with the practical needs of our users.

Through extensive conversations with healthcare practices, a common challenge emerged: limited space within sterilisation rooms and questions surrounding the necessity of having a computer in that confined area. This challenge ignited our innovation, leading to the creation of the Steri 'n' Stock® Touchscreen Device.

Our Steri Touchscreen Device is the culmination of years of development and experience. We’ve seamlessly integrated our proven software solution—refined over time—into a compact, wall-mountable device, revolutionising sterilisation tracking.

Upgrade to the Steri 'n' Stock® Touchscreen Device and elevate your practice’s efficiency today!

Steri Tracking Touchscreen Device

How Can This Benefit Your Practice?

Our 15.6" Steri Touchscreen Device offers several advantages for your practice:

  1. Standards Compliance: We’ve incorporated necessary components to ensure adherence to the latest Australian Standard.
  2. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: The user-friendly interface harnesses touchscreen technology for effortless operation. It's designed to fully leverage this technology for a smooth and effortless user experience.
  3. Flexible Mounting Options: You have the freedom to wall-mount the device, freeing up valuable bench space, or place it on the benchtop using its own stand. The choice is yours, tailored to your practice's needs.
  4. Complete Solution: We provide a comprehensive package that includes a dedicated label printer and a cordless 2D barcode scanner to ensure an immediate start. Just like our original software, this application can seamlessly integrate with various practice management solutions (for details, see our FAQs), and additional scanners are readily available if required.
Sterilisation Tracking Made Simple

Say Goodbye to Manual Log Books - Go Paperless with our Steri 'n' Stock® Touchscreen Solution!

Are you still logging your sterilisation cycle information manually? It's time to embrace the digital age with a Steri 'n' Stock® Touchscreen Solution. Our innovative device allows you to effortlessly record test and sterilisation cycle data, along with instrument information, for each cycle. Say goodbye to paper log books and hello to a more efficient, paperless solution.

Key Benefits of the Steri Tracking Touchscreen Solution:

  1. Electronic Record Keeping: All your records are securely stored electronically, reducing clutter and ensuring easy access when needed.
  2. Efficient Data Retrieval: Retrieve or print records only when required, saving you time and effort.
  3. Enhanced Infection Control: In the event of a steriliser cycle failure, Steri 'n' Stock® prevents instruments from being assigned to patients, enhancing your ability to maintain a safe and effective infection control process.
  4. Piece of Mind: Online database backup is included in the annual support subscription, so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected.

Join the Digital Revolution

Make the switch to our Steri 'n' Stock® Touchscreen Solution and experience the convenience, efficiency, and safety of digital sterilisation cycle management. Leave manual log books in the past and embrace a more streamlined future for your practice.

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