Created in 2006

Steri 'n' Stock® started as a small project, for a busy dental practice, to incorporate sterilisation tracking into their daily processes and to better manage the inventory items within their stock room.

Steri 'n' Stock® quickly grew into a product offering a larger and more efficient approach to sterilisation tracking and stock management and has been embraced by many practices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Goals

To keep the process of Sterilisation Tracking, Stock Management, and Storage/Archiving as simple and efficient as possible, without compromising what is essential or required. We believe that if the process is simple and easy to follow, then staff will use it and this will improve the workflow for your practice.

We're Here for You

Over the years, there have been many changes in relation to the way a practice operates. Some of these changes have created an additional time overhead that someone, somehow, has to find to keep the practice running. To name a few of these challenges...

  • Aligning your practice's Sterilisation processes to the current Australian or New Zealand Standards.
  • Ensuring that your Stock levels are maintained, orders placed and if need be chased.
  • Finding the space to store models, x-rays, or documents and manage when these items can be disposed of or returned to the Patient.

We are here to work with you to solve these issues for your practice. Stop losing valuable time, preventing you from doing something more important, whether that is more billable hours, or more time with your family.