Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the sterilisation tracking in Steri 'n' Stock® follow Australian and New Zealand Standards?
      Yes, Steri 'n' Stock® adheres to the AS/NZS 4815:2006 standard.

  • Does Steri 'n' Stock® integrate with my Practice Management System?
      The applications that have an integrated link are Exact, Oasis, Dentally, Core Practice, Praktika, Ultimo, Open Dental, PracticeWorks, and OrthoTrac.
      We are always looking at expanding this list, however, this sometimes requires an end user to push for this feature with their Practice Management software provider. Where possible we will work with you to test and incorporate an integration with your Practice Management software.

  • Can I use Steri 'n' Stock® as a standalone package if the integration is not currently supported?
      Yes 100%, the integration is not required to utilise the application to its fullest.

  • Can I supply my own barcode scanners and what type is recommended?
      Definitely, contact us to discuss the make and model that you already have, or are looking at purchasing - most 2D scanners will be fine.

  • Will I need a computer in my Steri area?
      To simplify and streamline the Steri Tracking, it is highly recommended that a computer (desktop, laptop, All-In-One, or Windows tablet) be installed into the sterilisation area. Any device will need to be Windows based.

  • Do I need to print barcode labels for all of my stock items?
      The short answer is no. The longer answer is determined by where the stock items are stored and how the practice wishes to manage them. A report can be printed that contains a list of all (or selected) stock items, and their respective barcodes, and some practices choose to utilise this method instead of printing individual labels. Where possible, the barcode on the stock item itself can be used, thus removing the need to print any labels altogether.
      In most cases, practices find a combination of labels, reports, and stock item barcodes (in varying degrees) works best.

  • How do I change the ribbon or labels for the Steri label printer?
      Below is a link to the GoDex support page that has the User Manual and Quick Setup Guide (and drivers).

  • Can I request new features?
      Yes, 100%. We actually encourage all of our users to contact us to discuss any potential improvements or features. We can confidently say that our application has been built by the wishes and requests of our user base.