Sterilisation Tracking,
Stock Management,

Are you still manually recording Sterilisation Information?

Are you still stuck with manual methods of recording sterilisation information? It's time to leave the paper and pen behind and embrace a more efficient and eco-friendly solution. Steri 'n' Stock® offers you the perfect way to record test cycles, sterilisation data, and keep track of instruments assigned to patients.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual record keeping and join the digital revolution with Steri 'n' Stock®. Start streamlining your sterilisation tracking processes and enhance your practice's efficiency today.

Losing too many billable hours managing your Stock Inventory?

Why spend your precious time managing stock when Steri 'n' Stock® can do it efficiently for you? With Steri 'n' Stock®, you can swiftly and easily check your current stock levels, generate reports on your monthly usage, and order only what's necessary, ensuring you save both time and money.

Don't let stock inventory management eat into your billable hours. Choose Steri 'n' Stock® to streamline your processes and boost your practice's efficiency.


Seeking a More Efficient Way to Manage the Storage of Patient Models, X-Rays, or Documents?

With Steri 'n' Stock®, you can optimise your storage management effortlessly. Store only what's needed for the necessary period and easily identify and locate items that are no longer required. Say goodbye to unnecessary clutter and free up valuable space.

Make the switch to the complete  Steri 'n' Stock®  package for an improved storage solution that streamlines your practice's organisation and helps you maintain a clutter-free, efficient workspace.